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This is basically a 'reorganized' page of fun-ish stuff I've featured on the site before, but wanted to put all on one page. You'll find the ICQ page, Survey Results, and other familiar things here. Since is a 'new' page yet, I have to make the graphics  before it'll be very decent looking, so do excuse the dustiness for the time being! Thanks!

Also in the works: The NEW Mathnet Plus! Desktop Theme, more ICQ+ Skins and Sims Downloads, and Hotbars! Also going to put a Frequently Asked Questions page up.

*NEW! Mathnet-related 'The Sims' Download Page!*

A new section I'm hoping to Mathnet-ify with all sorts of goodies!

*The Mathnet Survey!*

Take the latest survey, and see the results to past ones.

*Mathnet Mailbag!*

Write the Mathnet Stars some Fan Letters! They'll love you forever!

*The ICQ Fan Forum!*

Where ICQ Users can connect and have fun!

*Mathnet Puzzle Fun!*

Check out the Crossword puzzle I've made!

*Choice Quotes*

Mathnet at its wittiest! Fun quotes from your fave eps.

*A Quick Little Pop Quiz!*

How well do you know your Mathnet episodes? (And no cheating!)

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