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Hello everyone! It's been a very long time since I've added to these pages. But of course my obsession has never died. I guess the last I really wrote in this section was back in late '96 or early '97...whoa! And here I am now in just about mid '99. It's long due time to tell y'alls some more! Woo hoo! (Course that does also mean some of my past thoughts are a bit outdated and things may have changed, but I'll leave them untouched for History's sake.)

Oh, and of course more of you have 'fessed up, so that page also needs to be updated. And so it is, and so it shall be (or something)! Anyway, I've put all the juicy details on their own pages, and you'll be able to pick which part you want to read. Sound good to you? All righty then!

Just remember one thing: I talk a lot (it's more like rambling, really). And so do others. Wait, that's two things. Nevermind. Just read on.

To find out all the details of my Obsession, follow the links below:

In the Beginning...(Part One)

More of My Obsession (Part Two)

Even More...(Part Three)

Or, try checking out the confessional!

Mathnet "Confessional" (Open to the Public!)


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